Saturday, September 18, 2010

Peak Train to Tornado Alley

Auntie Em! Auntie Em! A tornado struck Brooklyn and Queens and suddenly everyone at the LIRR became stupid!

As you can see, I'm upset, but not because a tornado hit NYC. I can't blame the LIRR for that. What I can blame them for is the complete inability to communicate effectively during crisis situations -- and I use that term with hesitation.

A tornado doesn't come around here often, but I'll bet anyone that trees falling on tracks and flooding happens several times a year. It just so happens that trees and flooding occurred at the same time this past Thursday evening. So what do you announce? "There is no service in either direction from Penn Station to Jamaica." And that was it. Were trains running east from Jamaica? Could I take the subway to Jamaica? Were shuttle buses available anywhere from Jamaica? Who knows! The LIRR certainly didn't. The new electronic signs were telling me to "Have a Nice Day"; completely oblivious to the situation at hand. Oh, thank you so much. A faceless, yet polite sign is wishing me a nice day. Silver lining everyone.

I have an idea. Problems always seemt to come up between Penn and Jamaica. How about an emergency plan to operate a subway shuttle from Penn to Jamaica, or at least more E-Trains? I wish someone would explain to me why that is crazy, but I don't think anyone could. The MTA is in charge of both the subways and the LIRR, and buses, and in this day and age of emergency preparedness, there shoud lbe some coordination plan between the systems. I'm going to keep this entry short, because I didn't get home that late (although I have friends that told me it took 6 hrs for them to get home), and the more I write the angrier I get.

One last thing, why did all the trains have to go the Yard Facility once it was determined that there would be no service? Maybe to make way for the remaining westbound trains? I guess, but who knows. It certainly wasn't explained.

So, as all of you figure out how to deal with extensive damage to your houses....Have a Nice Day!